So… Press Release

Adventure. Transformation. Friendship. Dive into the quirky, seductive world of So…, where a simple circle spins a yarn about encountering the unknown.

So… is a wordless illustrated book that follows the journey of a simple circle traveling through vibrant landscapes. Told through lush batik fabric as well as through the whimsical visual vocabulary of sewing accessories including buttons, scissors, push pins, and needles, the book is a story about who we meet, what we acquire, what we discard, and how we are quietly transformed along the way. Ingeniously designed by NYC-based artist Heather Cox, the book uses texture, collage, color, and implied movement to invite the reader into the visual narrative. Cox guides us through portals, over hills, and behind curtains, urging her readers to imagine an infinite possibility of stories in these pages. Art appreciators and imaginative thinkers of all ages and language backgrounds will delight in this part art piece, part parable.

A perfect gift for the young artist, the crafter, or anyone on a journey of transformation and self-discovery!

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