Return Policy for Bookstores and Vendors

  1. Current editions of texts may be returned within the earlier of six months of purchase or three months of release of a new edition.
  2. We require that you contact us prior to returning books and file a “request to return” for our prior approval. Send all requests to the same e-mail address you use for ordering: We do not handle requests over the phone or by FAX.
  3. If a return is authorized, all books sold to bookstores and wholesalers that are returned in unmarked, unlabeled, good-as-new, resalable condition within six months of the original shipping date will receive credit for the full price paid by the bookstore or wholesaler. Please enclose a copy of the original invoice–all returned copies must have been purchased directly from Stenen Press.
  4. Resalable condition is determined solely by the publisher. Books not considered in resalable condition include any of the following conditions: non-Stenen Press bar-coding stickers affixed; glue from removed stickers; security tagging; altered or obstructed pre-printed bar codes; staining; discoloration; scuffed, torn, or dented covers; excessively shopworn; or showing other physical damage.
  5. We can only authorize and accept returns from accounts that are current (i.e., do not have any outstanding invoices that are past due for payment).
  6. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.
  7. Stenen Press does not issue cash refunds for returns. If the return meets the criteria above, we will issue credit to be applied against future orders. Only accounts in good credit standing will be eligible for a returns credit.
  8. All returns must be sent directly to:
    Stenen Press
    534 West 112th Street
    PO Box 250547
    New York, NY 10025
  9. Please consider marking down the books rather than returning them to us, as correspondence, packaging, and postage can be costly and laborious.
  10. Publication Return Policy for Distribution Sales, effective May 2023. Subject to change with 90 days’ notice.