Glicee digital print on paper

Image Size:

5 in w x 6.5 in h
(12.7 cm w x 16.5 cm h)

Paper Size:

8.5 in w x 11 in h with deckled edge
(21.6 cm w x 28 cm h)
50 prints, signed and numbered

Stenen Press Limited Edition prints are unframed

Archipelagus is a Stenen Press Limited Edition fine art print from an original illustration in Book of Hours, by Laura Dolp (Stenen Press, 2021).


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Archipelagus is a Stenen Press Limited Edition fine art print from an original illustration in Book of Hours, by Laura Dolp (Stenen Press, 2021).

Stenen Press uses the term “limited edition prints” to denote two dimensional art prints available through a pre-publication license agreement between the artist and Stenen Press and sold pursuant to an exclusive prints publication arrangement. This exclusive arrangement with the artist establishes a total maximum number of prints based on a single original high resolution digital image of a specific work of art created by the artist for limited and exclusive reproduction based on different paper type and/or dimension of the print. Certain information about the limited edition print and sale will be provided to buyers in a Certificate of Authenticity which is included with the purchase of each limited edition print through Stenen Press. Stenen Press sells “limited edition prints” in compliance with the standards of disclosure established by New York law regulating the sale of limited edition art prints.

New York law

New York law provides for disclosure in writing of information concerning certain fine prints, photographs, and sculptures prior to effecting a sale of them. This law requires disclosure of such matters as the identity of the artist, the artist’s signature, the medium, whether the multiple is a reproduction, the time when the multiple was produced, use of the plate which produced the multiple, and the number of multiples in a “limited edition.” If a prospective purchaser so requests, the information shall be transmitted to him or her prior to payment, or the placing of an order for a multiple. If payment is made by a purchaser prior to delivery of the multiple, this information will be supplied at the time of or prior to delivery, in which case the purchaser is entitled to a refund if, for reasons related to the matters contained in such information, he or she returns the multiple in the condition in which it was received, within 30 days of receiving it. In addition, if after payment and delivery, it is ascertained that the information provided is incorrect, the purchaser may be entitled to certain remedies, including a refund upon return of the multiple in the condition in which it was received.

Certificate of Authenticity and Warranties

Buyers of limited edition prints are entitled to a Certificate of Authenticity upon request prior to placing a limited edition print order online, or at the time of or prior to delivery of the limited edition print. Every limited edition print sold through Stenen Press comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a certification that the “information and statements contained therein are true and correct.”

Availability of other products that include the subject art work

Stenen Press is the exclusive distributor of limited edition art prints available for sale on Stenen Press. In certain circumstances, the artist of a work available as a limited edition art print on Stenen Press may license the image of the subject work for reproduction related to the sale of other consumer products but excluding two dimensional art prints. The manner and consumer goods on which the image is reproduced are at the discretion of the artist, but the artist is precluded from permitting the subject work to be made available for reproduction on two dimensional art prints other than limited edition prints available for purchase on Stenen Press.

What Stenen Press Limited Edition Prints numbering means

A limited edition print that recites the number 2/50 means that the buyer is purchasing the second published print in a maximum print edition of 50 total prints (plus any proofs) of a specified size and dimension based upon a high resolution digital image of the artist’s original work of art. The Certificate of Authenticity tells the buyer if more than one edition has been published from the original image. For example, a print numbered 2/50 in a limited edition of 50 could be sold measuring 4”x5” and another print numbered 2/30 in a limited edition of 30 could be sold measuring 8”x10”. The Certificate of Authenticity in that example would show that the total number is 80 prints (plus any proofs).