Reading by the Authors of The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra

Join Book Culture, Stenen Press, and Sundial House on Thursday, October 19th at 7pm for a reading and conversation in celebration of the recent release of The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra. With a reading by the poet Sarah Riggs, and conversation with editors Kythe Heller and Carolina Gómez-Montoya.

The anthology features contributions by Cecilia Vicuña, Rosa Alcalá, Etel Adnan, Sarah Riggs, Ananda Devi, Kazim Ali, Polina Barskova, Valzhyna Mort, Yu Xiuhua, Amanda Lee Koe, and Kit Warren. Edited by Kythe Maryam Heller and Carolina Gómez-Montoya.

In order to facilitate this in-person author event, Book Culture will be partially closing the second floor starting at 6:45 pm. Please review their Safety guidelines and register for the event using the button below or by using the following link:

Our inaugural anthology—The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra—features ten poet-translators and one artist-illustrator. English-language poets, and poets who write from a language other than English, are paired according to the synergies of their creative and translation practice. Through original poetry, mutual translation, and collaborative essays on the topic of translation itself, The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra reflects deeply creative friendships that situate translation as equitable, intimate, and ongoing.

As with every Stenen Press publication, the book’s visual dimension has a pivotal role. In this collection, artist Kit Warren’s resplendent images embrace and challenge the work of the texts. Her vision submerges us in a dazzlingly complex cryptography: patterns of lines and dots (often recalling written notation systems) that suggest vibrant cosmologies of dissolution and reformation. In its entirety, Warren’s visual world of the anthology is a sweeping project of engagement and exploration.

Through an astonishing structure of reciprocal poetic and visual exchanges, editors Kythe Maryam Heller and Carolina Gómez-Montoya position English not as a site of perpetual return, but rather one point in a constellation of language(s), the space of the page, and visual gesture. The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra offers a life-affirming language of its own. 

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Founded in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures at Columbia University, Sundial House aims to foster and showcase the art of the literary translator while providing a forum for the voices of Latin American and Iberian authors, in their original languages as well as in English.

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