Original poetry, resplendent imagery, mutual translation, and collaborative essays on the topic of translation itself. Our groundbreaking inaugural anthology The Soul Conveys Itself in Shadow / El alma se mueve en la sombra reflects deeply creative friendships that situate translation as equitable, intimate, and ongoing.

  • Blueprint Series

    Letters from Cairo

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    Letters from Cairo is a vivid memoir of American experience of Nasser’s Egypt, seen through the eyes of two expat academics who navigate the epiphanies, adventures, and paradoxes of a country at a critical turning point.

  • Artist Book


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    Adventure. Transformation. Friendship. Dive into the quirky, seductive world of So…, where a simple circle spins a yarn about encountering the unknown.

  • Artist Book

    Book of Hours

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    Breathing new life into the form of the devotional text, Book of Hours is a powerful meditation on the conditions of place, gaze, and being.