Kythe Maryam Heller

author, editor

Kythe Maryam Heller is a poet, essayist, performer, filmmaker, and scholar. In mixed-genre pieces for collaborative and solo performance, she experiments with a grounding of poetics in textual, translative, spatial and performative practices that re-orient art-making as a sacred practice of collective consciousness. She is author of the poetry collection Firebird (Arrowsmith, 2020), and two chapbooks, as well as several critical studies; her work has been published, performed, and screened widely and she has received numerous grants and fellowship awards. Currently she is the founder and director of the global art collective Vision Lab and the editor-in-chief of Forecast Journal. She is also a poet on the faculty of the Language and Thinking Program at Bard College and a Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow in Comparative Religion and Art, Film, and Visual Studies / Critical Media Practice at Harvard University.

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