The Stenen Press Award 2022: Submit Now!

Stenen Press welcomes non-English-language writers to submit their manuscripts for the second annual Stenen Press Award. We seek poetry and short-form literary writing of all kinds and are eager to hear from writers who would like to see their work translated and set into a richly visual book.

The jury is grateful and excited for the opportunity to engage thoughtfully with your work.

If you are a writer in a language other than English, and you are interested in having your work translated and set into a richly visual book, we will warmly welcome your submission for the 2022 Stenen Press Award. Your manuscript must be complete, be original work, and be in a language other than English. The winner receives a $2000 award and publication of their book.

Manuscripts are usually between 20–80 pages. Submissions must also include a sample of the original manuscript (25%) translated into English. These translations, which can be sampled from any part of the book, should be representative of the project as a whole.


May 1 – June 30, 2022

Please note that Stenen Press does not accept submissions outside the Award period.